Confused by statistics

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Last two month I have been writing down all relevant statistic about my English abilities (approximately one measurement in two weeks). It consists of homeworks and many sample test which have been practised in our class.
The first negative impression was — no improvement. Howewer there is an easy explanation, which was offered us a few weeks ago by our teacher. The tests are getting harder and grammar is always new — we don't do any repetition tests (although our teacher is quite trustful I wouldn't belive her if I hadn't the same opinion).
Anyway… I don't unerstand the orange line. My reading ability is still changing trying to keep my average which is around 65%.

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  1. Drc napsal:

    Podobnou chybu jsem udelal kdyz jsem delal projekt do statistiky. Musis vzdy srovnavat srovnatelne jinak ti vypadne blbost.