FCE – Writing – story

It’s the best story I’ve ever written in english (er.. yes, it’s my the fist story :-] )

I was using a dictionary so after that words I had to look up for the czech meaning you can see the translation in brackets. The only instruction was: „The story must start with „There I was, alone in my celland it was so unfair.“ It took me more than one hour so some parts are quite difficult (but correct) bacause I was trying to be tense-various (časopestrý asi není ten správný překlad).

Tattered hopes (zmařené naděje)

There I was, alone in my celland it was so unfair. After ten years here I was able to match my mood with at least one of these spots scowling (mračící se) from the wet walls around me. However none of them was as threatening as my present feelings.

The idea of invitating my clumsy roommate to join in my attempt to escape had seemed to be good, his enormous strength had doubled our tunneling speed. Unfortunately he hadn’t returned from his „workshift“ today and my fear of the fact, that the wall that separated us from freedom, was thiner than I had thought before, became true.

The image of the rat (zrádce) who was escaping through our collective work made me mad. „I’m a naive fool“ was echoing in my desolate (pustý) cell and I had hardly calmed down before my cries were interrupted by the sound of the unlocking door.

I have two messages for you“, said the laconic prison officer. „Your friend has been just cought escaping from prison.“ Then he made a short pause, „the next piece of information is that your punishement of imprisonment expires tomorrow morning.“ After that he attempted to smile and quickly walked out.

After few minutes I was still motionless and desperate (zoufalý). My dream about a great breakout (útěk z vězení) was gone. It had been my last chance to be famous.

There I was, alone in my celland it was so unfair.

2 komentáře to “FCE – Writing – story”

  1. Vitek napsal:

    „it’s my the fist story“
    me ucili, ze po privlastnovacim zajmenu se uz nepise clen 😛

    „had to looked up“

    (mimochodem cela ta veta je strasna)

    „my fear of the fact, that […], become true“

    asi by tam melo byt spis became, a celkem dlouho mi trvalo, nez jsem tu vetu pochopil 🙂

    inprisonment ma byt spis imprisonment, ne?

    jinak dobra pointa… tu bych za hodinu nevymyslel 🙂

  2. orwen napsal:

    Dekuji za opravu :).

    “it’s my the fist story” — o tom vim, zdalo se mi, ze uz jsem to opravoval…

    “had to looked up” — hm, ja kdyz nemam cas tak tam nadelam tolik chyb jak kdyz mluvim, asi bych si to mel po sobe vic cist 🙂

    “my fear of the fact, that […], become true” — Ta veta je dle naseho ucitele nejeze correct, ale i OK :), jo chapu ze je trochu krokolomna, ale v cestine tak obcas taky pisu a s tim became mas pravdu (a gratuluji, ze jsi ji pochopil 🙂

    inprisonment — njn, pisu jak to zaslechnu :-T

    Jo, pointa se mi taky libi ;-), na zkouzce bych ji ale pouzit nemohl, tato povidka dvojnasobne prekracuje povoleny limit prave quli tomu, ze pointa je moc slozita…