Irish specialities — BTS(es)

BTS Since I came to the Ireland I have seen only a few BTSes (Base Transceiver Station is the main structural element of all mobile networks over the world). I can remember five or six these towers in Galway but… no more. Strange thing, isn't it? You have probably never been interested in this stuff but as far as I know they have the same nuber of network operators and even though the density of the antennas is quite low, the signal if fine. Another (positive?) difference is that the towers are relatively low so it might be easy to climb there. However I haven't tried it yet.

Note: That's funny — Two GSM base stations disguised as trees in Dublin.

2 komentáře to “Irish specialities — BTS(es)”

  1. penkus napsal:

    nemá to být…..However I haven’t tried it yet? 🙂

  2. orwen napsal:

    Jasně že jo :,-) to už je ale fakt překlep…. Díky.