Irish specialities — buses, only public transport in Galway

The system of public transport in Galway is (in comparsion to Czech's) slightly backward. Maybe because of the Irish people have poor sense for any system as I can sometimes feel, maybe because the size of this town is similar to Žďár nad Sázavou.

In Galway there is only one local bus service with one central station and about six routes from there, the longest route is about 10km. There are no tickets so you have to pay in cash just after you get in the bus. The fare is always €1,5 (cca 45Kč) and it's completely independent of the distance you want to go – it had taken me about one week until I realised that it wasn't necessary to say to the driver, who collects money, where you want to go. Inside the bus there are usually three cameras (one of them in the photo) watching the passengers; the screens are beside driver's seat. An emergency exit at the back is usual.

Although the fare is relatively cheap, most Irish people use their cars except the morning, when the buses are crowded with foreign students, the buses are almost empty and that might be the reason why it's impossible to get any bus after seven o'clock — it wouldn't be used. If you look outside after that time, you will see mainly taxis carrying drunken passengers who are unable to drive their own cars. Almost all students use a bus to get to school, it takes more than 10 minutes (plus 10 minutes more waiting to unreliable bus, which can come earlier).

With student card it costs only one euro, but my friends and me still prefer walking along the sea.

(Feel free to correct me.)

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