IPPHEAE project meeting at Cyprus

I’d like to disabuse my friends, who were told I’m going to conference. Actually, it was project meeting. The meaning of that difference slowly clear up to me at the first day. We appears there like a few people from different european universities as a team collaborating in the sense of the project topic (policies against plagiarism).

Before the meeting a have a strange feeling which I experienced in Ireland; actually It has nothing to do with Ireland, in fact I feel like a main character of one of the first well-known Nabokov’s novels — Pnin, which is an europen academic travelling to conference in USA. As we, both Pnin and me, were preparing for the presentation in foreign language, feel the struggles the same way.

You probably know Nabokov as an author of Lolita, but I’d recommend (I found, that I’m, not in love in her, but him) to try his another books.

Practial, just a tweet:

„At the unoccupied Cyprus area don’t care about the bus price. I’s always one euro #cyprus #bus„.


Check photos from leisure activities.

Just a random mix which makes my impression from the meeting itself:

  • Quite a lot of EU byrocracy at management level (ie. self-evaluating report).
  • Huge lack of the plagiarism rules at the university or national level, especially at the Czech republic); Interesing is, that a few weeks ago I have written a blogpost Diploma thesis: How much I can copy&paste (czech), where I found, that 10% of plagiarised text isn’t a problem, but 20% is enough for author to be punished like Viktor Ponta.
  • I thought, that developement of antiplagiarism tool is quite a slow process. No. The slow process is to explain the differences of the plagiarism policies accross europe, analyse it and suggest efficient change. That is the work for the others :). I’ll just make an antiplagiator tool as a presented at symposium today. Check my slides.

Are you interested in plagiarism?

Great! In June 2013, my university organises a conference where our work will be presented. Even you can present your results. Research papers, posters and workshops are welcome in following areas:

  • Best practices and strategies for awareness, prevention, detection of academic misconduct
  • Innovation in use of e-tools and technologies for addressing plagiarism
  • Internationalisation, student mobility and academic integrity
  • National and local responses to plagiarism
  • Impacts on student plagiarism arising from the Bologna process

See you there.


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  1. Bella napsal:

    I can’t hear anhtying over the sound of how awesome this article is.

  2. Oi miten ihania noi kaikki kuvat! 🙂 Musta olis kiva lukea useamminkin jotain sisustus postauksen tyylisiä juttuja eli vaikka kuvia sun kämpän sisustuksesta tms!

  3. Olá Rosangela! Obrigado pelo comentário! Que bom saber que esta indo bem, fico feliz e continue buscando degraus maiores! Conte comigo!

  4. Já havia visto alguém comentando sobre o livro Caçador de Pipas, e lembro que na época fiquei querendo ler. Aí passou…Agora vejo aqui nos comentários que muita, muita gente leu e gostou, e agora estou curiosíssima…!Não vão lançar no cinema aqui nos EUA?!