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Zachycujeme odpovědi uživatelů Twitteru, když jim pomocí FlowerChecker pomůžeme s určením kytky. Tady je stovka těch nejdelších reakcí. To udělá radost :).


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Rosie_ahh @FlowerChecker eventually found it thanks by typing in tiny pink drooping flower lol.Might’ve been easier if it had leaves.1st time appeared
stihlhead @FlowerChecker have just found it is a Hurricane Lily ( Lycoris Aurea ) unfortunately my wife just pulled it up as they are bad luck here…
SafeGreenDream @FlowerChecker thank you yes it could be! I see u are working on a flower app…is it ready? Been looking for a plant checker/database app!
Antocalypse @FlowerChecker THANK YOU, mysterious flower guru! I think I’ve narrowed it to http://t.co/rUNEiRury7. It fits all of the characteristics!
EdenCottage @FlowerChecker @knitstixnstring I’m sure it is indeed mint. Very thuggish! I’ve started cutting.. don’t mind one or two but not loads.
VioletL_Phoenix @FlowerChecker thank you very much! I’ve watched it bloom for the past 3 years and always marvel at how it reminds me or orchids! 🙂
sailorcliff @FlowerChecker. Thank you;-) I’ve never seen them b4 there its first time I’ve seen them n I’ve been living at this house 4 10 yrs!
ClaudsPet @FlowerChecker oh, thank you. That is what I thought but wasn’t sure. I don’t know much about flowers even though I love them 🙂
gpadova This is the desert flower! So awesome! High alkaloids eeek! “@FlowerChecker: @gpadova Datura inoxia http://t.co/AlftBOVYnc”
th1nm1nt @FlowerChecker thank you so much for your help. Want to make sure planting  in Colorado makes sense in October. #PlantingSoon
StrudwickFlower @FlowerChecker Great app! Will def recommend. That was the idea, good guess. Almost as good as this tissue paper creation! 😉
TheGrowingSpace @FlowerChecker  Thank you so much!! Of all the flowers on the plant, none were opened like the picture on wiki. You rock!
oregonwitter @FlowerChecker Thank you for finding that for me, wasn’t sure but that’s it alright!  Have a great day/evening!
m2blake @FlowerChecker Sorry, but no. I knew the answer & was posting to quiz friends. It’s a crepe myrtle tree.
PeteJeffreys @FlowerChecker Amazing, thank you! Impressed with your speedy service – good luck with your app development!
CuteSmurfs_ MORE FOLLOWERS MY FRIENDS VISIT ==> http://t.co/rjY2bqbMll
@henryhardison @FlowerChecker @yesayasFT32
ejeancarroll YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!  My flower trembles in delight! Thank you! @FlowerChecker
JackieSpotlight @FlowerChecker thank you so much! I’ve had it for a year without knowing what it is. You made my day.
Marc_Cruise @Bricey2904 @papaver Thanks @FlowerChecker looked up spot on, not a plant I’ve seen for long time 🙁
Sarah_Hobbit89 @FlowerChecker thank you 🙂 looks like potent stuff :S I have no clue where that has sprung from lol
myfabcode @FlowerChecker Thanks! I’m definitely a novice gardener. I’ll try different potting soil next time.
juliettas70s @FlowerChecker  oh thanks! Im unsure as this plant does not fruit, but it does similar flowers…
glowypanda „@FlowerChecker: @glowypanda Dracaena http://t.co/uqkGzifXaY“ I have two. Neither look like that.
DenMcH @FlowerChecker Awesome, thanks. I’d independently reached the same conclusion just this morning.
BucksMike @FlowerChecker well thank you very much, no idea what it was or how it came to be in the garden
ReadingUrbPolls @FlowerChecker Many thanks for the ID. It is great to know the name of this mystery plant now.
mbernier @FlowerChecker @coreysnipes thanks for the info!  I have a creepy plant in my yard… Wakawaka
mpmhawkins @FlowerChecker Thanks so much! It suddenly appeared amongst my geraniums so was v.confused!
janorga @FlowerChecker thank you for identifying my plant! I’m thrilled to learn more about it!
MaryAnnT53 @FlowerChecker ahh very cool!! That’s what u get when u scatter a mixed seeds packet!
stihlhead @FlowerChecker that looks very close! It bloomed pretty much overnight…..thank you!
DaxaAndre @FlowerChecker Thank-you, much appreicated! 🙂 #CommonChicory http://t.co/uV9icS4Igz
EdenCottage @FlowerChecker Hmm, looks v much like that but I can’t smell it! Is taller than me..
mildlyamuseduk “@FlowerChecker: @mildlyamuseduk Dahlia http://t.co/iH6byOtsny”Thank you
naylor_nori @FlowerChecker Lathyrus http://t.co/sB36gwkuu4 Thanks! Sweet Pea was a guess.
vagu13 @FlowerChecker thank you so much by the information!! I’m so happy! Good day!
cubreportcard @FlowerChecker How cool is that!! Thanks for solving the flower puzzle!❤
RussellPiano @FlowerChecker @Mikicellist1975. – „Aeonium arboreum“. …Ah thanks ! R.
KellyReganNS @FlowerChecker Thanks! I’m completely clueless when it comes to plants!
Pringleland @FlowerChecker thanks v much for your help.  Was wondering what it was.
gazpachodragon @FlowerChecker thank you! Oh what an amazing twitter account you are!
xorwen @FlowerChecker (this is a test status reply for developement purpose)
heather__welsh @FlowerChecker thanks! an unexpected service on twitter I must say
JDGEstateAgent @FlowerChecker  Thank you ever so much!!  You are a guru.  Thanks
Proudliberal65 @FlowerChecker Thank you so much!! I love that it grows wild here.
Pilaremunoz91 @FlowerChecker crazzzzy thanks! Better not mess with it then lol
Tara_Carter88 @FlowerChecker… looks like that might be the one, thankyou 🙂
Roystar78 @FlowerChecker Thanks.. Twitter has everthing these days. 😉
TrinetyG @FlowerChecker thank you, i thought it was in the lily family
GeriatricDr @FlowerChecker it doesn’t look the same. Is it a sub species?
lunaandcurious @FlowerChecker @KirstieMaclaren You were right. Well done.
joehamer @FlowerChecker thankyou where were you when I needed you?!
1breanneward @FlowerChecker thank you! I never would’ve gotten that!
quizzyrascal @FlowerChecker  Great news that, I’m growing Loco Weed!
RoRorck @FlowerChecker wow thats a good flower really cute 😉
MzansiGirl @FlowerChecker thanks. any idea what kind of protea?
avid_gardener @FlowerChecker Thanks for keeping me on my toes…
CHwrites @FlowerChecker Thank you for providing the answer!
Mark_J_Young @FlowerChecker Ah the African Devil! Much obliged.
gpadova @FlowerChecker Wow! Thank you, that was awesome!
PoetMandiJune @FlowerChecker Beautiful! Thank you!! xx 😀
Televixen @FlowerChecker thanks for clearing that up!
saturnSam @FlowerChecker thank you so much. Delighted
hatfinch @FlowerChecker Wow, thanks! What a service!
kokocooks @FlowerChecker that’s it! Thanks so much!
ThatTeaLady @FlowerChecker Wow thank you so much!!
Stu_Peacock @FlowerChecker thank you for your help!
aliciaprov @FlowerChecker Thank you! Very helpful.
MaymeSnow @FlowerChecker Thank you for your help!
mattheworbit @FlowerChecker thank you. How helpful!
RobynHaston @FlowerChecker thank you so much! ♥
Tara_Carter88 @FlowerChecker ..thankyou so much!:-)
lennymsmith @FlowerChecker great, thanks v much.
Ziggy1956 @FlowerChecker Brilliant! Thanks 🙂
bobbyprom @FlowerChecker oh awesome. Thanks!!
empinkzebra @FlowerChecker thank you very much.
tatejenny @FlowerChecker Thanks for the help.
brennadavis7 @FlowerChecker thank you so much!!!
nahleenblake @FlowerChecker Awesome! Thank you!
vicfrenchtutor @FlowerChecker awesome, thank you!
Dustratracing @FlowerChecker Ok great, thanks 🙂
ruairismom @FlowerChecker thank you so much!
auslushplants @FlowerChecker thank you kindly!
CardwellLibrary @FlowerChecker @CardwellLibrary
FromUchi @FlowerChecker
Thanks for R!
nikki_griffin @FlowerChecker Oooh! Thank you!
FinellCh @FlowerChecker Thank a lot *_*
SondangSusan @FlowerChecker thanks again 🙂
justjennaloo @FlowerChecker thank you!!!!!
happy_rambler @FlowerChecker Thank you! 🙂
Misia_Mind_Body @FlowerChecker  thanks hunny!
jenbutneverjenn @FlowerChecker Thank you! 🙂
lindsaymetter @FlowerChecker Thank you!!!
SondangSusan @FlowerChecker thank you 🙂
LadyCoquine @FlowerChecker thank you!!!
loupallot @FlowerChecker thank you 🙂
vitamineral @FlowerChecker thank you!
queerjewdad @FlowerChecker thank you!!
momalycett @FlowerChecker Many thanks
rougeit @FlowerChecker thank you!

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