New FlowerChecker, spring version

After months of analysing, prototyping, thinking and development we’ve made one big step forward, with new „spring“ version of FlowerChecker. I’m kind of excited about it :-D.

So what’s new?


Paid answers

The most surprising fact is that there seems to be a big hunger for plant identification apps; it really exceeded our expectations :). Check the graph on the right. It shows the number of requests from different sources (Twitter, webpage and mobile app). You can see the increase of mobile requests. That’s cool but our team has some limits, so — every new user gets two plant identification requests for free. Others are paid. Good for us and our motivation :).

There is a simple mechanism how to prevent users from buying a pig in a poke. Before users pay for an answer they is confronted with the description of it. For example:

We have recognised the plant! Specifically

  •  genus (100% certainty)
  •  species(100% certainty)
  •  cultivar (80% certainty)

You have currently 5 points.
Do you want to use one point to show the answer?

Yes, when it comes to money, we play fair.

Chat with botanists

You can ask them for additional information… and sometimes they need your help too (like the biotop, where the photo has been taken, or a plant detail). Just see the screenshots; it’s all there.

support payment


And some minor news…

  • photos are now uploaded to botanists in better quality (about 0,5 MB each picture).
  • lots of bugfixes, especially for low-memory devices (thanks to Thran)

The app is available at Google Play.

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