FlowerChecker: getting ready for spring

snezenkaFirst snowdrops appeared in Brno last week — that is a gentle signal to summarize last winter and reveal some plans for spring.

IOS version. Our one-winter delay is a great shame, but honestly — we can’t afford to pay a company to develop iOS app. So we have decided to create it in-house. Cheap, slow and strategically better option. It is almost done, we are just finishing push notifications and definitely release a beta version in March.

Gift codes is a new in-app feature. On the coin screen there is a new button which allows you to charge up your points. If you have a gift code, of course ;). First use of this feature is because of publication a book about recipes with edible plants: Květinová kuchařka. You’ll find our annotation there!

New FlowerChecker web made by our friend Jonáš

AI progress —  we have implemented a brand new machine learning algorithm which helps our botanists with plant identification, now it works pretty well on 20 most common plants. I’m very optimistic about implementing it in app (like a free service) but can’t say when.

Big partners: FlowerChecker had joined to Microsoft BizSpark and Google Developers Startup Launch program (yes, we are moving to cloud).



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